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My name is Marc Barthelemy and I am an photographer based in Luxembourg. I work as primary school teacher in a small spa town, called Mondorf-les-Bains.

I was always fascinated by photography, especially by Fine Art Photography. End of 2019, I wanted to take my photography to a higher level by creating my own Fine Art Photography, turning my hobby into a passion. I started taking courses from curated and award-winning photographers like Serge Ramelli and Tim Shields. I’ve read plenty of articles and have been learning a lot about photography and post-processing.

2021 was a great year. I have won a couple of major awards and I was really thrilled about my 3rd place in the OneEyeland’s World Mobile Photography Awards.

In 2022 finished 7th in OneEyeland’s World Black and White Photographer.

Via my pictures I want people to see the beauty of the world through my eyes. I love creating landscapes, seascapes and cityscapes. I think that by looking through the viewfinder of my camera, I also started to appreciate our nature even more. I started to see more details, which I never noticed before. That’s also how I discovered my love for architecture, product  and macro photography. The moment you take your time to compose your shot, you soak up the atmosphere around you with all your senses, something one should do more often, even if your are not taking pictures.

As a teacher I try to inspire the kids in school by the art of photography and to discover their own way of seeing their surrounding and I am always fascinated by their creativity.

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